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12" Vinyl D 03.10.18
this is a long overdue collaboration and we couldnt be more excited to present a brand new ep from our man, jenas mad scientist funk freak himself, metaboman. a stalwart veteran of the legendary musik krause camp, which has been a kindred spiritual sister label of sorts of ours since the millennium-turn heydays, being fellow purveyors of bold and raw dance floor music, still brimming with new ideas galore and bucket loads of soul. here with the wireless dancer ep we have metaboman in top form offering nothing less than his finest work: doppeldenk starts things off with some classic krause bump that brings to mind the heights of the duo at their peak but updated, like an stl banger turned up to 11 with sinewy melodic lines and that special thuringen twist. hanno follows up with a guest spot by jazz saxophone master thomas prestin, and guarantees to bring down the house with a storm of swinging stabs, rough riffs, and fresh-as-it-gets drum work. on the flip, splitit does exactly that, whether referring to wigs, legs, or that last drink ticket - where dusty blues vox chops and a rolling percussive smack down will revive any fading floor faces. and finally, echterg rounds it all out nicely with the illest of atonal trips and subsonic bass tones that the finer sound systems out there will fully indulge. much love from jena & paris to the world!
Circus Company
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12" Vinyl D 16.03.18
music krause’s 49th release is a house record with four tracks of metaboman’s very unique view of the dancefloor. nothing to talk about - you have to listen... for sure. features dave aju and thomas prestin, as well as metaboman remixing ark.
MK 049
Musik Krause
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12" Vinyl D 15.12.16
split ep mit metaboman & large m ft. dave aju und 2 track von freund der familie auf der b seite
Fatplastics 15
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12" Vinyl D 07.10.16
hello friends, to your information metaboman returns on musikkrause. the ep features 4 kicking tracks they soun- ding like the good old mpc style metaboman .for those of you who know auf dieser feier bin ich on fire. peace
MK 048
Musik Krause
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2x12" Vinyl FR 08.07.16
this is now ! birth of the ark label, 2016. featuring friends : ark, pit spector, metaboman, losoul, the mole its a 2 x 12 inch dedicated to love supreme track from john.
Ark Records
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12" Vinyl D 22.06.15
in wonderful thuringia in eastern germany (nearby gotha) a group of culture-enthusiasts run a 3-day festival every summer off the beaten festival track and far away from pr hustle and bust- le out in the woods. at this cucuma festival art and culture is played out in an utopian athmosphere that reminds of a peace- ful island. artists and audience sense a common party-vibe while being embedded in a scenic nature, that is attended by passion for detail. these individuate the festival to an intimate experience, one cant encounter anywhere else
Musik Krause 45
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12" Vinyl D 08.09.14
nice price deal !!! celebrating 13 years of fatplastics with this special release, featuring tracks by metaboman & large m and monkey maffia.
Fatplastics 13
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3x12" Vinyl D 04.03.13
musik krause, the label with that special funk and the wide view releases the fourth album in their 10-year history. the circle is complete. in 2002 they started with metaboman. now there is the album. as a part of the record-spinning krause duo he is known a number of escapades having to do with the bash or rather party culture.
Musik Krause LP 005
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12" Vinyl D 22.01.10
klassiker aus dem jahre 2002, freakiges minimales zeugs der feinen art
Musik Krause 05
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12" Vinyl D 09.01.07
der dritte streich von musik krause robag wruhme trifft metaboman fuer den zwei maenner split ein absoluter klassiker fuer minimalisten
Musik Krause 03
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12" Vinyl D 30.08.06
classic minimal ep mit allen tricks die man so braucht... zeitlose werarbeit aus jena
Musik Krause 01
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12" Vinyl D 07.08.06
die krause innovationsschmiede ist mal wieder einen schritt voraus. die drei eigenwilligen tracks von even tuell & metaboman wurden im testverfahren von den wighnomy s auf arschwacklerqualitäten geprüft und für gut befunden
Musik Krause 17
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12" Vinyl D 05.11.03
diese jungs sind einfach nicht zu stoppen. ob latenight-jazz, knusper-house, shuffle-boogie oder roher psycho-house, die krauses machen zur zeit alles richtig
Musik Krause 09
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cd D 18.02.13
musik krause, das label mit dem besonderen funk und weitblick veroeffentlicht das vierte album in seiner zehnjaehrigen geschichte. der kreis schließt sich. denn 2002 startete man mit metaboman. jetzt liegt sein album vor. als teil des auflegenden krause duos erlebt er saemtliche eskapaden der feierkultur. schoepferisch gehen sie dabei keineswegs den geraden weg. sie haben eine ganz eigene metaphorik entwickelt, eben krauzy schrouse and trashno.
Musik Krause CD 005
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12" Vinyl FR 09.05.18
excellent ark release feat remixes from toba, jef k & mikael weill , metaboman
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4x12" Vinyl lp D 16.01.17
4x12 compilation, vinyl only, 4lp gatefold deluxe printed sleeve first compilation on nervmusic records with an artists like ark, cabanne, fumiya tanaka, half hawaii, rhadoo and many more. comes in a gatefold sleeve with an artwork by igor skaletsky
Nervmusic Records
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12" Vinyl D 31.07.15
klangscheiben records is proud to present its frst vinyl release of a brand new series, a various artists compilation entitled „the fable“. while some tales start with “once upon a time“, this one begins with the candid rhythms and guileless synergy of german duo metaboman and large m’s “taverne master”. canadian minimal masterminds akufen and pheek each provide their own input: the former’s weaving synth-driven jazzy storylines, the latter’s a trip through fragmented instrumentals and a min-tech narrative. klangscheiben label boss demas shows his fangs with a brooding slow burner permeated by skin-crawling microsounds, a flow picked up by montreal producer magnanime’s “psychomagic master”. ark’s parable is awash with echoing vocal snippets and an addictive piano riff, melting into the strange sound of tom ellis, whose “shotgun” is at once stripped back and full of life. tomas jirku wraps up the release with “one monkey”, a glitchy, eccentric minimal piece that is as unpredictable as you’d expect from the vancouver producer. the moral of the story? listen and fnd out.
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12" Vinyl D 17.11.04
cooler shit auf dem f.a.t. sublabel. wie romanthonys abstrakte seite mit herbert gemixt !! repress
Musik Krause 02
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cd D 11.08.14
erhältlich als cd und 2lp version, jeweils inkl. download code für 16 tracks! was mitte der neunziger, initiiert vom veranstalter-duo sperling & mauss, in jena als partyreihe unter dem namen -freude am tanzen- begann, hat sich längst zur bekanntesten plattform für elektronische musik an der saale mit bislang über sechzig veröffentlichungen, eigenem schwesterlabel (musik krause) und angeschlossener booking-agentur gemausert. mit 16 jahren auf dem noch immer jungen buckel ist freude am tanzen heute auf dem besten weg von der adoleszenz ins erwachsenendasein, doch dass dabei trotz gefestigter strukturen zum glück noch lange keine langeweile einzug halten muss, beweist nun die jubiläums-compilation six10 jahre freude am tanzen.
Freude am Tanzen CD 011
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