Metaboman - EINSEINS EP



12" Vinyl D

Souvenir / SOUV097

Front View : Metaboman - EINSEINS EP (INCL. ROBAG WRUHME RMX) - Souvenir / SOUV097
Back View : Metaboman - EINSEINS EP (INCL. ROBAG WRUHME RMX) - Souvenir / SOUV097

Next Big Killer / incl Robag Wruhme Remix , Decks Tipp

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Tiefschwarz's Souvenir label kicks off the 2019 year in brilliant form with an EP from Germany's Metaboman (Musik Krause), featuring 4 mind-melting slices of underground dancefloor weaponry perfectly stripped back to the most essential elements. The EP, 'Einseins' is Metaboman's debut offering for the Berlin imprint, and easily one of his most ambitious and expertly crafted releases to date.

Title track, 'Einseins' starts the EP out in perfect psychedelic form with a shuffling, low-slung piece of late night weirdness. Punchy and muffled beats move underneath robotic vocal snippets, aggressive claps and cleverly placed acid squelches. A subdued vocal loop adds the perfect human element to the surreal shaker, keeping things equally playful and wicked.

Robag Wruhme joins the release with a remix of 'Einseins,' featuring his beloved ability to fuse unexpected twists and turns with an unstoppable dancefloor delivery. The steady drum arrangement provides the perfect momentum for Robag's quirky creativity to shine through. Unique and clever, this remix is another shining example of a talented producer at work.

'Jena' was clearly created when Metaboman was in an incredibly good mood, as the vibe is nothing short of playful, happy and outrageous. The vocal takes the spotlight on this party rocker, with a funk-drenched freestyle session of soulful magic. The beats and effects perfectly balance out the funk with enough chopped up swing to keep things on the right side of wrong.

Rounding out the release is 'Mood Boy,' the deepest cut on the EP. Focused on bare-bones beats and a few perfectly placed vocal samples, the track leaves a wonderful amount of space for haunting melodies to creep in and out of focus. It's afterhours music expertly suited for musical moments geared towards entering the rabbit hole. [info from Distribution]
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