2x12" UK

Thule / THL 026

Front View : Nonnimal - HVERFISGATA (2LP) - Thule / THL 026
Back View : Nonnimal - HVERFISGATA (2LP) - Thule / THL 026

140 gram vinyl 2xLP

The debut album from NonniMal, who's an eclectic Icelandic techno producer with a reputation for taking the road less travelled when it comes to music. The album is bursting with creative ideas, atmospheric soundscapes and rumbling beats. From the glacial atmospheric dub techno burners of Fjola all the way to the to the mindbending enigmatic techno driver Merida; the fans of inventive and oracular techno will find something to embrace. Expect the unexpected.Thule Records is considered by many to be a pioneer in the field of dub influenced techno music; and has been a starting point for many of Iceland's most renowned electronic musicians since 1995. [info sheet from distr.]
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