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Tigersushi / Because / BEC5161854

Front View : Joakim - TROPICS OF LOVE (CD) - Tigersushi / Because / BEC5161854
Back View : Joakim - TROPICS OF LOVE (CD) - Tigersushi / Because / BEC5161854

Anchored Between The End Of The 80s And The Beginning Of The 90s, When Industrial Music Courted Funk, When Electro(nica) Made A Shy Appearance And House Was Visceral And Plaintive, Also Inspired By Current R&b Productions And Futuristic Hip-hop, Tropics Of Love Is A Slow Tempo Record That Shines Like A Steel Sun And Rings Diabolically Romantic.

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‘On the Beach’, a Balearic sombre take on Neil Young’s classic song, makes you melt with pleasure; ‘This is My Life’, a Lil’ Louis inspired scathing techno attack makes you dance; you put your arms up in the air for ‘Bring Your Love’, a pure gem of mournful pop with Luke Jenner of The Rapture on the mic; you move your backside to the syncopated beats and the feline voice of Akwetey (Dragons Of Zynth) on ‘Each Other’; and only Joakim can make you fall asleep with your eyes wide open on the deviant electro jewels that are ‘Three Lazer Fingers’ and ‘Hero’. Altogether retro futuristic, nostalgic and forward looking, danceable and contemplative, Tropics of Love draws the fine contours for the soundtrack of a summer that promises to be radiant and solar. [txt from ]
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