Springintgut & F.S. Blumm
cd D
Pingipung 43 CD

Image of the Record Front Side
Image of the Record Back Side
The Records Fundament Are Slow. Powerful Beats Which Hold Everything Together Springintgut Has Been Responsible For The Studio Production At Most Times While F.s. Blumm. Experienced For Years In Making Radio Plays. Has Handled The Mixing And Collaging Of The Parts. The Bird And White Noise Invites To Join The Travels. And In Its Long Arches And Bridges It Can Easily Be Listened To As A Whole. While The Opener Or Eskimono Feature The Rather Lyrical Side Of The Duo. Tracks Like Land Ab Neu Or Chitin Set More Punchy Priorities To A Heavy Bass And 808 Drums. Chitin Is A Late Climax Of The Album. Building Up For Minutes To A Massive Groove In An Insect-like. Abstract Sound World. Leaving Just Enough Space For Romantic Cello Lines To Break Through In The Middle. The Record Has Been Released Exclusively In Japan For The Duos Tour In April 2014 Via Pingipungs Partner Label Nightcruising In Kyoto. Pingipung Now Releases The Lp Version And The Cd Worldwide
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