Redinhos always been different. Debuting on Numbers in 2010, his Bare Blips EP showcased an artist with no desire to fit into the landscape of the time

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Dubstep / Bass

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Darting between styles and tempos across six tracks that drew from grime, hip­hop, funk and more, the only constant on Bare Blips’ tracks was that they kicked back – or, at least, remained blissfully ignorant – of the 130bpm house that the rest of the UK was gravitating towards.
On his first album, Redinho finds the perfect solution to being out of step – creating his own world to fit into. Across 15 tracks, including acclaimed past singles ‘Searching’ and ‘Stay Together’, Redinho conjures up visions of the deep sea, deep space, not­so­deep jacuzzi parties and everything between, binding them together into an aesthetic that's both stylish and starry­eyed. Drum machine­driven ‘80s funk is a key influence here, as it always has been with Redinho and Numbers, but where Redinho excels is how sublimely he combines it with other genres: the 'hey' chants and drum patterns of Atlanta hip­hop on ‘Playing with Fire’, Detroit techno on ‘Shem’, the freeform dreamscapes of ‘Bubbles’, 707­driven Chicago house on ‘Going Nowhere‘ and downtrodden electronica on ‘Say I Want You’.
It only takes a few tracks to realise that Redinho’s studied the ‘80s, and the sounds and dynamics that make that style work, but this is far from a throwback album. With a masterful modern sheen and links to contemporary pop and hip­hop, it’s hard to imagine it being released any time but now.
DJ Feedback
Hudson Mohawke - lovve, new additions to it are awesome too
Machine Drum - so dope! been waiting on this one for a long time
Ben Pearce - Groundbreaking doesn't cover it, this sounds amazing. Bigups Numbers once again xoxo
Breach - Massive fan and can't wait for this record.
SBTRKT - first listens it sounds amazing!
Rustie - belterre
S-Type - Unreal album, so good to finally have my hands on it!
Gilles Peterson - loving redinho thanks for this
Dave P -Really wild and amazing !!!
Eclarififi - been waiting so long for this - can't wait for the full album, FIIIIIVVVEEEE STARRRSSS!!!!
DJ Orgasmic - It's a classic, i have to listen to it more than once but you made me listen a whole album in a row in the fatdrop player that's all i can say for now if it means something....
A-Trak - Supporting tha funk!
Busy P - Very exciting, very promising artist
For sure one to watch in 2014
(added: 2014-10-10 14:52:26 )
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