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12" Vinyl UK 14.02.20
4 extra tasty breakbeat flavours from stratton.
Of Paradise
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10.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 17.07.18
stratton released two of last years stand out 12s on natural sciences & of paradise. here he debuts on dance trax with 4 jackin house slammers.. ready to light up dancefloors all summer long!
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10.29 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 21.07.17
‘white punks on e’ is the taste of bike chains rubbing against black leather. heavy cast iron forged across studs and hot-wired organs. the howls from blazed skull hordes jacked up to distortion engines broadcasting into neglected cellar units. it s shrill echoes from the parking lot carried along the financial district, overturning lobotomised business lunches, attache cases and $50 slick-backs. nasty club rock fed through biohazard cassettes, doom arcades, sabres and scorpion tattoos - new blood to rock the neighbourhood and a pleasure to welcome stratton into the fold.
Natural Sciences
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11.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl lp UK 30.05.17
bella union is thrilled to release will stratton’s album rosewood almanac, the american’s debut for the label. it’s a work of fragile magic, a hypnotic combination of beautifully breathy voice and exquisite lyrical imagery, gorgeous melodies and similarly soft-spun instrumentation, centred on his thrumming acoustic guitar and the verdant presence of velvet strings.
the vinyl release includes a download code.
Bella Union
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23.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 10.02.17
of paradise return with their second release the smelling salts ep, from uk based producer stratton. four pieces of music that paint an ever changing electronic landscape and showcase a true distillation of tough, jackin’ and underground house music.
Of Paradise
out of stock
12.29 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 18.04.16
new imprint aardkern launch with this first ep from stratton. channelling all things rave and club centered this eclectic 12” goes from acid arpeggios to soft synth pads to breaky shuffling jams.
out of stock
11.99 EUR *
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