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12" Vinyl NL 12.04.12
a vanguard touch for a classic gold work on loose records by the label boss rino cerrone and flavio diaz, with an epic re-editing and two remixes by tom hades and jake childs. first one made a lot of releases for mb elektronics and rhythm converted, jake childs is famous for his success remix of blazes lovelee dae on om records. miseno is a mix of funky and old school techno melodies, with a strong kick and a warm bass line, the hi hat gives a sliding rhythm to the groove. the hypnotic synth is the essence of this track, very tasteful but very techno. extraordinary wiring makes a second step with jake childs, with a carrying tech - house beat and a funky bass line. everything is rhythmic and moved on by a minimal synth which runs on the track shaking the people on the dance floor. a tribal mood on a tech - house beat, the sub bass is pushed on by a powerful kick and the synth bass makes the track very strong. energetic tune and very good stuff for take a dance, just another last cigarette for tom hades too. a magic and innovative rework from loose records, the fusion of different styles enclosed in one release, enjoy
Loose Records
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7.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl IT 17.06.10
part of the tight-knit group of neapolitan techno labels which includes rilis, analytic trail and mkt, loose records is the invention of legendary godfather of italian techno, rino cerrone. named after the napoli club, >loose<, the project was created as a platform for the development of newly emerging electronic acts.
Loose Records
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7.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl IT 12.03.09
big with the advent, xpansul, secret cinema !! here we come again, loose records is proud to present rino cerrone and flavio diaz that come together for a great collaboration, delivering a super 3 track ep. with plenty of grooves and funky elements. don t miss it!
Loose Records
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7.99 EUR *
2xcd D 27.07.09
with this double cd in early summer already, cocoon gives - just like in the past two years - an acoustic foretaste of what is expecting the clubbers at the nights of the >10 years of craziness< season. incl unreleased tracky by reboot, marco carola, tiga, martinez and more...
out of stock
18.99 EUR *
2xcd NL 12.09.14
loose records is proud to announce a new series of six eps that will be released over summer 2014, culminating in a double disc cd compilation chock full of musical goodness. the italian label was established in 2005 by rino cerrone and mario manganelli and is related to the respected events crew of the same name. in that time the label has been showcasing new talents alongside more established names, and that s the same case on this bristling new compilation.
Loose Records
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15.99 EUR *

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