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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: rino cerrone & markantonio a.k.a. junction hands
12" Vinyl IT 26.05.11
italian techno heavyweights markantonio and rino cerrone finally name their collaborative ventures after ten years of gigs and productions together, and the name is junction hands. revolution is back is the first full release under the junction hands moniker, following a well received outing as part of the recent the napoli connection ep on adam beyers drumcode and it sees the two veterans deliver some of their strongest work yet. the title track is a pacey number with a reverb soaked yet warm atmosphere which underpins an aggressive, simple and incredibly effective bass/drum loop which gains intensity throughout. sharp sounds puncture the groove here there which keeps things interesting but its the discordant stabs in the break which push things into overdrive. the equally hypnotic and driving thing for hands follows but manages to do so with an increased feeling of woozy menace. synths feedback on themselves to shattering crescendos before subsiding into waves of noise while the groove relentlessly works its magic. with junction hands theres yet another must-check name coming out of the neapolitan scene.
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