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12" Vinyl UK 15.12.17
kidnap kid’s birds that fly label got off to a flying start with his ow&#8203,,,,,n release,‘ moments’ feat leo stannard picking up over two million plays and shaking up the spotify / hype machine charts. next up on the imprint is rising uk star apple&#8203,,,,,bottom with &#8203,,,,,‘the ride’ ep, an artist that draws many parallels to kidnap kid’s own early career as he barely has made his way out of his teens but already caught the ear of some of the most sought-after labels and radio establishment. annie mac can’t get enough of him and his releases on kerri chandler’s madtech, zed bias’ biasonic and uk powerhouse black butter records have coined him one of the future figureheads of dance music. applebottom has come to be considered a beatmaker able to transverse genres with that rarest of production talents: the consistent ability to make a straight-up club banger, which makes him the perfect follow up for birds that fly. “‘theride’ was quite a diff&#8203,,,,,erent piece of music for me, ’he explained of the track, ‘i had been thinking about where i d want to release it and i was pretty stuck. but shortly after i d finished it kidnap kid’s first ep on birds that fly came out, and straight away i felt a connection with the sound and a lot of the music i’ve been making recently. it already feels like it has a clear and distinctive sound forming and i can t wait for my music to be part of that.” applebottom hails from the musical mecca of bristol but shares a pioneering view of its style and output. “&#8203,,,,,i think a lot of people have just gotten too comfortable making the same sounding dance music - and for me that kind of defeats the point, there’s so much variety in it. i feel that particularly for my generation anyway, we’re a lot younger as producers and it’s kind of our job to be that next generation that produces that next sound. we should be striving to make something new and different and build our own vision of what it should be.
Birds That Fly
in stock
9.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 17.02.14
another year comes crashing into view, and another instalment in the nasty rips and shifting peaks series is upon us, as ever looking to bring together a mix of new, up and coming and established names, via a chaotic miasma of styles and tempos.
Shifting Peaks
out of stock
9.99 EUR *

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