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12 Inch 18.01.19
incl. strong luca agnelli remix
Etruria Beat
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9.91 EUR *
2x12 Inch 28.11.18
brand new rekids lp output by russian producer nocow. aleksei nikitin showcases his versatility on fourteen tracks bethween deep house, electronica, techno and ambient
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17.19 EUR *
2x12 Inch LP 07.04.17
the latest offering in the ever so refined gost zvuk series is a full length album (2x12) by russian master of all otherworldly sounds nocow.
“ledyanoy album” is an ethereal feast containing orchastrated textures and thumping cuts alike. the winter theme of the album is easily recognized through the icey synth sounds and the beautifuly array of bells and fx which blend this lp to a cohesive collection of heart wrenching ambiances.
Gost Zvuk
out of stock
15.55 EUR *
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