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12 Inch 16.11.18
5 track vinyl from clubby to experimental / ambient
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12 Inch 13.02.17
three, floor-minded tracks bind together to form a mesmerizing groove unlike any other. ranging from the bouncy funk of “scandal,” to the hypnotic broken techno of “time,” to the shuffling trip of “dancemine,” this is a true document of an artist unafraid to offer the full spectrum of their musical personality, with an undeniable compulsion to push forward.
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12 Inch 30.05.18
mike huckaby, bergqvist, dj sports, raam and lns remix ‘deep soundscapes’, takecha’s album recently released on sweden’s love potion. released in march, the album incorporates takeshi fukushima’s work between 1990 to 2013 and affirms why the producer is such a respected figure within japan’s electronic music scene. now his compositions have been remixed by some of house music’s best, featuring renditions from detroit’s mike huckaby, aniara’s henrik bergqvist, the elusive raam, firecracker and regelbau’s dj sports, as well as wania and freakout cult’s lns. mike huckaby inaugurates the release with his sultry take on ‘low sentiment’, blending deep synths with murmuring vocals to forge a proper deep house cut. bergqvist then remixes ‘rhodes deep’ creating a bouncy minimal cut incorporating the original’s scintillating melody alongside meandering percussion and twisted effects, making way into dj sports’ remix of ‘gradual atmosphere’ with its intricate breakbeat drums and dreamlike atmospherics. raam then reinvents ‘calm imagination’ taking it into subterranean territories complete with infectious keys, until lns ties it all together with her mesmerising beatless reimagining of ‘factory 141’.
Love Potion
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8.43 EUR *
2x12 Inch 25.05.18
real name takeshi fukushima, takecha has been a key figure within japan’s electronic music scene for decades and belongs to the same pioneering crew as soichi terada and shinichiro yokota. now in his mid- fifties, ‘deep soundscapes’ is an album encompassing fukushima’s sound with every track written by the producer between 1990 and 2013. intricate percussion and crystalline chords set the tone in ‘deep drive’ before a funky bassline joins serene synths in ‘midnight things’. appearing in soichi terada’s mix for resident advisor (under its promo title ‘deep loop c’), ‘gradual atmosphere’ is comprised of a galloping beat and saccharine chimes, ‘factory 141’ sees takecha demonstrate a murkier aesthetic, whilst ‘rhodes detox’ is a definitive example of takecha’s flair for expertly balancing elements within his productions. an homage to shufflepuck cafe&#769,,, an old mac plus video game takecha would play on a black and white 9- inch monitor back in the day, ‘shufflepuck’ blends ghostly melodies with clicks, whirrs and pops. ‘calm imagination’ is a poignant affair from start to finish with its hypnotising atmosphere, contrasting to the more up-tempo ‘warm rondo’ with its soulful keys and purring low-end. tying it all together, ‘genuine innocence’ is a cut that takecha made two versions of, one with a solo from a pianist and another with more emphasis on the beat, the latter of which appears on this album.-
Love Potion
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18.02 EUR *
12 Inch 16.12.13
dutch producer alexander koning teams up with chicago legend k alexi shelby for *grown & sexy*. remixes coming from falko brocksieper and david dorad.
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6.55 EUR *
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