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12 Inch 30.09.22
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12 Inch 29.07.16
um:bros project is back from 1984, they played mainly live during mid-eighties in one of the first italian electronic club called suburbia (perugia). they signed for the legendary house of music italian label but this album never saw the light (due also for the short life of the label). um:bros put togheter elecronic, new wave and italo-disco in a modern and updated style!
HMLP 1001
House Of Music
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7 Inch 05.07.18
we are delighted to share with you a 7” single from kompozyt’s debut album “synchronicity”. brother-duo kompozyt is also the driving force behind trees will remain recordings, london based label that is highly influenced by nature, its beauty and patterns, and serves as a reminder for humans to preserve it.
Trees Will Remain
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NET (2X12 LP + MP3)
2x12 Inch LP 10.04.18
1st vinyl issue of sandra bell’s 1995 masterpiece “net”, previously a cd only release. release also contains all re-mastered tracks originally included on her “angel” and “chord” eps. mastered by josh bonati and pressed on 180-gram vinyl, the 2xlp comes in a full-colored wide-spine sleeve accompanied by inserts, a 22x22” foldout poster and download code.
Drawing Room
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2x12 Inch 12.11.08
the long awaited trentemøller debut album - maybe one of the most anticipated independent albums of the year. trentemøller is one of the hottest artists on the electronic circuit - the man of the moment! a beautifully crafted, astonishing masterpiece, that will leave you breathless. the tracks form a story, almost like the soundtrack of a movie. it manages to capture a whole range of emotions in subtle melodic miniatures, dreamy ambiences, dusty beats, deep dub-tracks and driving groove-excursions. an ever-changing kaleidoscope of colours and moods, -the last resort- without a doubt contains trentemøllers best work to date. although its an electronic album, it also incorporates live-drums, guitars, bass and other acoustic instruments like celesta, glockenspiel, melodica and even dj scratching to create a more organic feel
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12 Inch 21.04.17
germany-via- artist osker offermann, the owner of leading label white presents us a quality dou-bled package on the mule, strongly effecting his meditated mindsets. as well as his dj sets, his crafted productions have a superb balance between being not too exces-sive, but not being too minimalistic - creating the dynamism which make people move, based on his own aesthetic featured with well-polished, functional electro phrases and raw machine beats. because of its floating grooves, will be nice for club use, but also surely will be a good accompany for the home-listening. oskar continually points forward us the fact, that listening to deep house is no longer meandering journey, but something meaningful and fruitful in your life.
Mule Musiq 212
Mule Musiq
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12 Inch LP 13.04.17
siince the release of his debut album, substantial, in 2004, volker bertelmann – aka hauschka – has, slowly but surely, earned a remarkable reputation as a purveyor of imaginative, distinctive, prepared piano music. this isn’t, to be fair, a heavily populated field, but it’s one he’s made his own, and while some might have dismissed his work early on as a novelty, bertelmann has proven himself to be uncommonly inventive, coaxing ever more unprecedented, euphonic sounds and rhythms out of his instrument. even so, on what if – which finds him adding player pianos (also known as pianolas) to his armoury – bertelmann expands his range even further, defying expectations and delivering what is without doubt his most ingenious album yet.
the vinyl release includes a download code.
City Slang
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12 Inch 05.04.17
love will remember pharaon de winter, it says at the very end of this record. pharaon de winter was a relatively unsuccessful painter from northern france. today its the name of a band, but also the name of the song that changed its authors life. the ex-leader of the bands toy fight and (please) dont blame mexico - the eps first aid and michel foucault, and the album concorde, in 2011, with the hit song the protocol - maxime chamouxs musical style could be placed somewhere between north-american rock, spoon, neutral milk hotel, and prefab spout and xtcs sophisticated brit-pop.
VIETNAM/Because Music

also available as:
CD (EUR 15.59)
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12 Inch 20.12.16
mamie s records is a record-label curated by la mamie s that represents electronic music artists since 2016. based in paris and founded in 2007, the mamie s crew is collecting vinyls since their young age. they met some musicians along the way and they would like to share with you their crushes. the first one is kodäma... kodäma is a music duo formed in 2014 by kiala ogawa (singer and composer originally from japan and congo) and by t-time (bassist and composer). the word --kodama--, meaning --echo-- in japanese, also refers to spirits conveyed by trees and forests. according to the legends, these spirits are responsible for the the phenomenon in which the mountains echo. kodäma’s universe is very linked to kiala’s cultural sphere with, as a major source of inspiration, her childhood’s memories from the japanese countryside. kodäma is a subtle combination of electronic and acoustic sounds with kiala’s captivating voice, blending english and japanese. from this mixture of sounds emerges a spiritual, experimental music marked by their own neo soul groove
Mamies Records
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Coloured 12 Inch 07.12.16
ikebe shakedowns debut release is as heavy as an angry herd of elephants! recorded at dunham studios in brooklyn with the help of members of the budos band, these tracks are rough and tough to be sure and offer a variety of different sounds from the band. ikebe seamlessly blends the raw emotion and passion of 70s african funk with the danceable horns and rhythms of american soul music! bio: ikebe shakedown is brooklyn-based, eight-piece instrumental juggernaut that incorporates the sounds of 60s and 70s african funk and american soul music for a totally fresh sound. featuring dynamic horns backed by a hard-hitting rhythm section, ikebe shakedown (pronounced ee-kay-bay) will get you out of your seat and onto the dance floor! with obvious influences from legendary groups such as the j.b.s and the meters, ikebe shakedown is also looking to make their own mark on the brooklyn scene in the vein of more contemporary groups like the budos band, antibalas, and the menahan street band.
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12 Inch 29.02.16
following the recent acclaimed release of his “space” lp, on which bruno “patchworks” hovart transformed himself into patchworks galactic project for a fantastic musical trip, favorite recordings proudly presents this new 2 tracks remix ep. on the a side, rising uk producer ny*ak provides a blowing version of “surrounded by the gobblins”. what do the letters stand for? why the asterisk?” you ask. the origin of the asterisk has something to do with donating dates of birth on family trees, from back in the medieval times. in music, an asterisk denotes when a sustain pedal should be lifted. ny – new york? ak – alaska? is it something to do with the three stooges? nyak nyak nyak… it leaves the mind thirsty for answers... in reality andrew scott, the man behind ny*ak, banged his computer keyboard in frustration one day – and out came ny*ak. if that’s taken the shine off it a little, we’re not worried. listen to any of andrews tracks and we guarantee you’ll be drawn straight back in, but this time – deeper. for the b side, underground house producer kool vibe also delivers a brilliant rendition of “gobblins are gone”. producer & owner of kv records (paris), record collector since 1993, and definitely part of the new deep house music scene that is emerging from france at the moment, laurent, aka kool vibe, was born in paris in 1970. kool vibe s music reflects the best of the 90s house music sound that he manages to love so much. in 2011 and 2012, his first releases have been cult tracks out on “my love is underground” and “traxx underground” imprints.
Favorite Recordings
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12 Inch 11.09.15
180gr vinyl, download code & poster ! from a festival to a feature to friendship, from techno to electronica to a band. in this manner towards twitter compatibility, one may describe eating snow s previous path, which has really just begun for douglas greed and mooryc, with only few characters. the two of them met in 2010 at a festival in poland, only shortly afterwards the joint tracks -pain- and -morning gloria- developed, which can be listened to on douglas greed s debut album krl. however, dougi and mooryc weren t just in tune with each other quickly, they also automatically arrived at a common sound despite their different musical roots, which ranges from sensual indietronica to powerful house right up to perfectly grooving pop moments.
Freude Am Tanzen LP 014
Freude am Tanzen

also available as:
CD (EUR 14.61)
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Coloured 12 Inch 11.12.13
2013 repress - clear vinyl
fauxpas musik welcomes rising sun (real soon), who is also running some quite ruling labels like styrax and millions of moments and their respective sub labels. successfully running those, we are very glad he found the time to craft such beautiful gems to be released right on time for the warmer half of the year. >lift up your faces< is a grounding yet epic tale in best bobby konders manner, flowing and warming. julius steinhoff (smallville) is picking up this warmth, taking it to the floor and telling the tale eternally. if this is not enlightening enough for you, the sun will definitely rise with >lonely clarinet< letting an orchestra sing the birds and trees towards summer. this orchestras funking the last dark thought out on the last track praying and spreading pure love! this limited beautiful piece of coloured vinyl comes with an extra large poster done by doc robert / paedie! vinyl tastes better
Fauxpas Musik
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12 Inch LP 22.10.13
it is 2013 and in this release we hear a totally new approach to sampling. a vinyl release of two artists. fitz ambro$e (cape breton island) residing intokyo, & ohbliv of richmond, virginia(usa). fitz ambro$e sound has unique influence from 90s hip hop and 80s soul, he is also affiliated with cosmopolyphonic collective in tokyo. from the record archives of his father, ohbliv developed the charm of sampling. the record is a 14 track collage of beats from two uniquely talented artists who transcend their individual musical roots. as if competeing with each other both leave the remnants of sampling material, and the method in which they cut and chop is truely an interesting work.
Cascade Records
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12 Inch 20.02.12
>aspen< is the name of christian loefflers single before his debut album on ki called >a forest<. the name of the single is not to be misunderstood as a dedication to the ski resort in colorado. its rather a dedication to christian loefflers home region in the north of germany. loeffler walked out into the forests near darss, to take field recordings of the trees that commonly grow in that area, which are called >aspen<. the landscape near darss is characterized by signs of storm and rough sea climate, but is also considered as a popular health resort in germany. the tracks on >aspen< create this contrary atmosphere: noise and silence, destruction and peacefulness, electronic sounds and traditional instruments unite in harmony. the cover artwork for >aspen< was taken by christian loeffler himself in the forests of darss.
KI 008
Ki Records
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12 Inch 16.07.09
this special release is dedicated to detroit dj legend ken collier. his untimely passing touched me personally as he was one of a small few who supported my music and me. because of ken collier, detroit developed a dance scene, which inspired artists & producers to make dance records, which gave birth to techno, which has provided careers for so many of you in the business today. so i dare ask all you techno producers, djs, record labels, record shops, clubs which play techno music and fans of techno to pay respect to ken collier just as you would our other fine music innovators. however, this special compilation isn t about techno, it s about h.o.u.s.e sound - broadcasting it to you from live inside the st-er-eo. this record contains no artist or track listing because i don t want this to be about who made the tracks, track titles, or even who wrote this commentary. this is my personal tribute to him, and how he has motivat ed me to make my contributions to house music. thank you ken collier, for helping me grow, not just as a dj or a record producer, but also as a person. every dj and dance artist here in detroit owes thanks to you for going out into the musical forest, chopping down trees and paving the way for us to build house.
Seventh Sign
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12 Inch 10.10.07
tiger stripes is mikael nordgren, one of the most respected names in modern house music. he produced the much-loved >dark tradition< 12 inch as d malicious for francois ks wave imprint, winning such fans as jerome sydenham, dennis ferrer and carl craig along the way. he s released records, solo and in collaboration, on labels like ibadan, king street/nitegrooves, slip n slide and gossip, and was invited to remix faze actions >in the trees< for the recent juno re-issue. somehow he s also found time to run the hugely esteemed go! bang clubnight in stockholm... recently, however, mikaels been concentrating on his tiger stripes alter ego, releasing extraordinary 12s for liebe detail, urban torque and now get physical.….
Get Physical Music
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12 Inch 19.02.07
with their interpretation of i see a different you jan krause and michael mettke, better known as beanfield, give us an other fine example of their definition of soulful electronics which will keep the dancefloor packed! on the b side we see a different remix (harhar) of the same song, this time rearrranged by the promising production duo innocent sorcerers out of warsaw, making a name for themselves with their releases on raw fusion. attention the innocent sorcerers remix of i see a different you is nominated the best track at gilles petersons 2006 awards.the final cut is alif trees shakin the angels remix of come to me and everyone who is expecting abstract jazzy beats like on his album french cuisin is off the beaten track. le chef du cuisine is cooking up koop techno styleee as he did previously for his also well appreciated felix laband mix.
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CD 11.09.15
from a festival to a feature to friendship, from techno to electronica to a band. in this manner towards twitter compatibility, one may describe eating snow s previous path, which has really just begun for douglas greed and mooryc, with only few characters. the two of them met in 2010 at a festival in poland, only shortly afterwards the joint tracks -pain- and -morning gloria- developed, which can be listened to on douglas greed s debut album krl. however, dougi and mooryc weren t just in tune with each other quickly, they also automatically arrived at a common sound despite their different musical roots, which ranges from sensual indietronica to powerful house right up to perfectly grooving pop moments.
Freude Am Tanzen CD 014
Freude am Tanzen

also available as:
Vinyl (EUR 15.1)
in stock
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