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4x12 Inch + 2xCD (Gatefold) 18.10.17
salvation is found by identifying thesis and antithesis of a logically conceived duality as a receptive polarity which is then synthesized and expressed on a higher level. thereby practicing what is preached is the all-embracing love in the presence of the creator. the purest original state pre-dating the judgmental so called >fall of man< in unity with life itself is the principle of holiness and the root of inner peace. glory to g-d!

this album contains:
4x 12 inch
2x cd

amazing hight quality printed gatefold cover with 8mm spine and a handpainted picture.
mastering and cut by cgb at dubplates and mastering.
manufactured by matter of fact.
artwork by markus suckut.
cover paint by rebecca reja.
Odd Even
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