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3x12" Vinyl D 11.06.18
2018 reissue, 3lp , gatefold, complete tracklisting 1st time on vinyl! special vinyl re-issue of trentemoellers groundbreaking debut album.
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12" Vinyl D 11.06.18
jaars other people is pleased to present a new solo record of guitar and live custom electronics artist patrick higgins, an american avant-garde composer and producer from new york city. higgins is known for his work in experimental and contemporary classical music, playing guitar and composing in the mythical avant-noise-jazz ensemble zs. his solo work as a composer unites european avant-garde forms with the post-minimalist howl of new york. his upcoming release on other people, dossier, is a four-movement piece performed live without overdubs or edits. all of the samples and synthetic patches were custom built and specifically engaged to become elements of live guitar manipulation. the sound world is post-apocalyptic in spirit but builds to an intimate and reflective end. the material was developed over a two-year period and finalized at the end of 2016. cover art is by alfredo jaar.
Other People
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12" Vinyl D 11.06.18
fresh on francis harris kingdoms imprint comes rasmus junckers ‘ophold - six tracks of sublime atmospheres and textures. the danish musician, sound composer and dj fits perfectly with the labels aesthetic, joining the dots between ambient, leftfield electronica and modern classical. juncker has a background in studying jazz drumming and has been playing improvised music within the jazz domain for many years. he also started to dj at the age of 14 and was introduced to the world of electronic music production at the same time. when rasmus started to think about his debut album he spent several months trying to find his own way to combine his favourite musical influences, improvisation, electronics and classical music. almost a year later, juncker says, i went to a sensory deprivation floating tank in copenhagen while researching for another performance and while i was lying there, floating in the water, deprived from most of my senses, i got the idea to do something drastic in my musical process. philosophers like immanuel kant describe this deprived state as a mental cesura, which became some sort of guideline for the album.
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