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2x12" Vinyl D 09.01.18
get physical is proud to announce the release of the first ever album from chicago house luminary dj pierre. entitled wild pitch: the story, it collects originals and remixes old and new, and stands as a testament to the unique skill of one of dance musics most important figures. famously, dj pierre as good as invented the squelch of acid house when playing with his roland tr-303 drum machine as part of phuture back in the late eighties. from there he went on to clock up more than 200 credits under aliases like doomsday, prime one, raving lunatics, ac!d face, dj pierres afro acid project and many more. he also became famous for the wild pitch mixes and alias that lend this album its name: they were characterised by long intros, layer upon layer of strings, repetitive vocal samples, and filtered hypnotic sounds on hard beats. working with labels like strictly rhythm, trax, king street, nite grooves, international deejay gigolo and more recently get physical, pierre has contributed hugely to the global evolution of house music for thirty years plus. this is a timely reminder of that and one that is jam packed with essential tunes that, old or new, still sound impossibly fresh. included is a cover version of donna summers classic and pioneering disco cut ‘i feel love. it is a 9 minute masterpiece of loose drums, wild acid lines and synthesised squelches that build and build before the vocal arrives and carries you away to the stars
Get Physical
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12" Vinyl NL 09.01.18
dark entries is honored to release a 4-track ep by red axes, the prolific production duo of dori sadovnik and niv arzi from tel aviv. the pair were raised on a diet of post-punk, new-wave, and italo-disco at fogged out warehouse and basement parties. their own productions and remixes have appeared on labels such as i?m a clich?, correspondant, and hivern discs. ?nyx tape? features two new compositions backed with two edits from our catalog. first up is the slick electro anthem ?5 min? another collaboration with french-canadian born singer chlo? raunet aka c.a.r. followed by ?nyx tape? featuring charismatic singer-lyricist gina kikoine aka gina x, who reached out after hearing their remix of her classic single ?no gdm? that was a huge anthem on the tel aviv 80s underground scene. the track is an ecstatic dance to the rhythm in the darkness with gina?s ice cold teutonic spoken word taking creative inspiration from the jewish mourners? prayer ? the kaddish. on the b-side ?destination moon? by solid space from 1982 has been given a dancefloor makeover with moody synths and a haunting guitar line reminiscent of an adrian sherwood dub. closing this ep is a hypnotic edit of ?la machine ? r?ver? by french bedroom synth freaks x-ray pop from 1984 slowed down to a 4/4 groove that takes the original to outer space and back. all songs have been mastered for vinyl by george horn at fantasy studios in berkeley. the ep is housed in a custom made jacket that features an original collage by eloise leigh representing nyx, the greek goddess of the night. each copy included a postcard with notes and lyrics.
Dark Entries
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12" Vinyl D 09.01.18
polos contribution to kann in 2017 is another mandatory ep that aligns his productions to his noteworthy dj skills once again. he offers 4 deep detroit influenced techno banger that still feels homely inside label’s vibe. its always a journey.
Kann Records
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12" Vinyl () D 09.01.18
philippe petit releases his debut ep on involve records, >rhino<. the belgian artist delivers a three-­&#8208,,,,cut weapon full of melodies and acid spirit. serious damage for the dancefloor in this exploration on the grooviest side of techno.
Involve Records
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12" Vinyl D 09.01.18
you definitely should go for it if you are in love with a quality dub techno. there’s nothing can be more dubby as this particular release that will undoubtedly blow your mind. watch out! it’s extremely hot one. vinport ltd. is very proud to be distributing this label exclusively. ubertrend records is quite established play on the world’s techno scene and is managed by denny kay. vinyl only. no repress. limited press.
Ubertrend Records
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12" Vinyl D 09.01.18
weltschmerz and nesta got very special technism this time, that is soft and pleasant and groovy at the same time. this release has the particular sense of the underground being and is called “the sound of complatt” representing the tendency of the label.
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12" Vinyl D 09.01.18
the 4th vinyl only release by complatt representing a secret formula of quantum physics hidden all inside of the release. enjoy the music and stay tuned!
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12" Vinyl FR 09.01.18
vault heist vol.1 contains two wicked acid infused techno tracks from the archives of vmax records. 1094t3 & 1194295t3 are early works constructed back in 1994 by heath brunner a.k.a silicon, h&s. the two-works contained on this release are layered with a steady pace of rhythms, acid synth lines, that blend together in ordered chaos not uncommon with brunner’s early works. if you are looking for some underground acid tech, this is the pure stuff so don’t miss out!
Undersound Recordings
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