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12" Vinyl D 29.06.20
_asstnt sound comes from the heart of a passionate artist conveying romanticism, truth and dedication within his music and philosophy. the dj and producer from madrid breaks into the underground scene with an industrial, dirty and melancholic sound that stems from his love for hardstyle or hardcore that was instilled in him from an early age. in 2017 his first track was released on an involve records compilation together with the artist roll dann before starting the opera 200 label together in 2020 whose inaugural release saw the light of day in february 2020 and picked up support from the likes of charlotte de witte, matrixxman, truncate, fernanda martins and many more.
Opera 2000
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12" Vinyl D 29.06.20
amazing limited splatter vinyl! strong limited repress! a trip back to the roots, back to the inner self and what it is to really feel techno. the charismatic argentinean producer presents his first ep on andre kronerts odd even. flug, as his name suggests, allows his audience to take a fly on a journey - into another world, another state of mind. no more words now, please listen. mastering and cut by dubplates and mastering. artwork by markus suckut and cover picture by archer hostettler. manufactured by matter of fact.
Odd Even
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2x12" Vinyl D 29.06.20
berlin-based artist tmplt starts his own label tmplt records with a double longplayer-album named -the verge- tmplt001. inspired by uk bass, tmplt creates 12 unique tracks with dark and massive bassline -impacts. -the verge- is a musical journey through various genres such as drum n bass, breakbeat, dub techno away from the typical 4-to-the-floor rhythm.
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12" Vinyl D 29.06.20
limited repress! fantastic groovin minimalism! the rabbit hole teams up with mum records delivering homebase, a fresh ibiza based project, focused on introducing creative producers to the scene. for the first release an already established artist in the underground scene, the romanian cally, revealing this well developed trilogy drifting into a groovy landscape. vinyl only!
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