Laurine Frost - LENA

Laurine Frost


2x12" Vinyl UK

Lyka / Lyka001

Front View : Laurine Frost - LENA (2LP) - Lyka / Lyka001
Back View : Laurine Frost - LENA (2LP) - Lyka / Lyka001

Debuet Album of Laurine Frost

Laurine Frost's debut album 'LENA' reinterpretates Dostoyevsky's surreal novel and presents an utopistic self-revelation that leads to an exquisite musical journey. A weird collage of jazz and dub-fusions as an extension of wonky polyrhythmic patterns and the organic abstraction of bass-heavy drums, breaks and percussions. Call it as electronica, IDM or techno – anyhow, you are wrong. This album doesn't seem to fit into any genre. Laurine Frost tends to master his story-telling skills by inviting the listener to 13 imaginary scenes that can be approached, heard and understood from different points of view. A living and stirring masterpiece that is independent from time and actual trends.
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