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12" FR 09.03.21
modern house tracks!
Sounds Benefit
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12" 30.11.18
labelchef tom joyce trumpft mit einer gruppe an künstlern aus frankfurt, paris und casablanca auf.
Sounds Benefit
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12" 26.06.19
matthias wagner, ein neues mitglied der sounds benefit-familie, ist ein deutscher künstler, der in den letzten jahren bereits einige bemerkenswerte veröffentlichungen veröffentlicht hat. während matthias neue wege in seiner musik beschreitet, ist er mit einer dreitracker-ep zurück, die auch einen remix von labelchef tom joyce enthält.
Sounds Benefit
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12" 19.04.18
sounds benefit records proudly presents the first ep by lateral line, a frankfurt-based duo consisting of lukas bielke and chris geschwindner. following their first appearance together on project london, the two german guys are back with three warm and classy tracks, with an additional remix by ekloís label head seuil.
Sounds Benefit
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12" FR 05.04.17
sounds benefit returns with its third installment, and welcomes for their first vinyl ep the french duo indeëd, based in bordeaux. tib z and wimd, who make the team, delivered two powerful weapons, with an additionnal remix from one of our favorite artist - the greekest xdb. things starts on the a side with asylüm, a super strong and driving jam processed into old tape recorder, which gives to the atmosphere an unique texture and unsuspected energy. xdb s reinterpretation begins much smoother than the original track, but quickly the trademark style of metrolux s boss takes over, and brings the heat with his typical military groove. on the flip, stellär takes the listener on a different journey, warm and intense at the same time. thanks to driving rhythm sections and rolling sub bass, this classy track completes perfectly the package, for a solid winter record.
Sounds Benefit
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12" FR 02.05.16
paris-based label sounds benefit adds the second release to his catalogue, where label owner s tom joyce teams up with leaves, iron curtis, stojche and ben cohen, to offer what could be the soundtrack of a walk into the grey landscapes of the new iram, with reference to the mysterious city of a thousand pillars.
Sounds Benefit
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