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2x12" Vinyl D 07.09.18
external assessment vs. self-conception by robag wruhme: people always think, im that serene and quiet guy, but actually iím quite a noisemaker. could be that the majority of the material he put out in recent years, most notably the thora vukk album, led to the overall apprehension of robag being the virtuoso of everything subtle, enigmatic and tenderly melodic. well, thats far from being a misconception, but still just one side of the coin. the other side is embossed with his most current productions, consolidated to a double ep, captioned with the enchanting name wuzzelbud ff. wait a second wuzzelbud devoted fans will instantly prick up their ears. weíve heard that before. back in 2004 robag wruhme released his first longplayer named wuzzelbud kk. as theres no such scenario robag might be running out of stream-of-consciousness turned nonsense titles for his music, this must be a vocabulary intersection linking the early days of his career with its status quo. and it is. wruhme presents wuzzelbud ff as the stylistic follow-up to his debut album, showcasing a sound he commits has been neglected for too long. wruhme cuts to the chase: i wanted to put out some straightforward music for the dancefloor, something for the primetime. well, for the primetime of my sets, at least.
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12" Vinyl D 06.04.18
hart & tief turns 3. as the most fascinating yet tremendous of creatures, h&t relaunches its sound in every release, like a shiny day that gently welcomes an outrageous storm leaving your body wet and your mind connected with whats next. everlasting artists dave dk & stimming are the chosen ones to break through the clouds and reach the dimension beyond whatís predictable. soulphiction, mike dehnert, robag wruhme and dj koze delivered the first 2 releases, showing what not to expect from the hart & tief state of beat: comforting sounds for predictable minds. letís turn it upside down: deep emotional trips for like-minded clubbers and artists. non-conformist dancefloors and exacting passionate crowds. hamburg-based, stimming and dave dk have built their experience through uncountable tracks and performances. turning the lights off and playing it loud is what they are best known for. on this special occasion, painting the vinyl specially dark is what they were desiring and the frame brings together two superb tracks: frankfurt main and saida222. stimming has built in a sneaky percussion with an enormous engaging touch. buoyed up by a textured bass, frankfurt main reaches the center of what an in-depth track aims to be. saida222 takes us on a contemplative, introspective and melodic journey, a route usually explored by dave dk in his previous and acclaimed works. both tracks are pushing a refreshing and windy vision that, far beyond from being just obscure, gets us closer to a wise enlightening experience.
Hart & Tief
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12" Vinyl D 06.12.16
needs no introduction !! killer !! decks.de tipp! 2017 repress
Hart & Tief
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12" Vinyl D 19.09.16
so kam die postmoderne über uns und machte aus vormals ehrbaren kulturschaffenden werksarbeiter, denen alle schrauben abhanden gekommen schienen, im besten fall. mit minimaler eigenleistung (nimmt man die unbeabsichtigten fehler in der produktion mal aus), aber bei maximaler entgleisung entstand ein gänzlich neuer berufszweig. der grundsolide werksarbeiter, mit gema anmeldung im griff und guten draht zu seinem steuerberater. um die quietschfidelen arpeggio terroristen soll es heute mal nicht gehen. unsere protagonisten dieser geschichte sind andere. wahnwitzige, soziophobiker, menschen mit gebrochenen lebensläufen statt joghurt im rucksack, emsig agierende mitstreiter mit tupperdose in der tasche für die frühstückspause, willens den kampf der letzten kulturoffensive zu ende zu bringen, samplen, pitchen, alles zerhacken und zu undefinierbaren fetzen von funk wieder zusammensetzen. ausgeglichen vom duft der natur ankommend den fortschritt definieren wollen und den strom in die maschinen juckeln. Ästheten der fehler waren geboren. losgelöst vom fließband. hart & tief wird geackert geschwitzt, gebimmelt, der filter aufgedreht, der schmutz schaufelweise rangekarrt, bis die stufe der erlösung erreicht wird oder eben halt auch nicht. das leben ist nun mal kein einziger orgasmus und der funk entsteht in den pausen wie die befriedigung der gier und der besitz des moments, weil das leben ist doch nur ein wimpernschlag und wir immer nur einen abgrund entfernt von weltekel oder erlösung.
Hart & Tief
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