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12" Vinyl UK 21.03.17
name in lights have been organising parties, djing, producing music and running their own label feed for a long time. fact is - they are kind of royalty back in stockholm. after releasing records on under the shade, free association, let s play house, as well as getting remixed by dr dunks and axel boman it s now time to present two tracks on omena. believe it or not but the ties between omena and name in lights go way back. all inclusive is that type or track you would either start or end the night with while post mortem sounds like dj koze and isolee would have a baby together. on this release there are two remixes which completely flip the originals. underground hero samo dj is a force to be reckoned with. with recent releases on the trilogy tapes, public possession and an album on snaker together with maxxxbass he found time to work all inclusive into something completely new. watch out for the end. finally label boss tooli delivers a remix filled with as much rhodes and conga as your heart desires.
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12" Vinyl UK 14.05.13
lphs second release of the spring is also the nyc labels second split 12inch. but instead of featuring a couple of sun-soaked l.a.-based outfits as with cosmic kids and fingerpaints reality on the horizon ep, label heads nik mercer, jacques renault, and james friedman set out to sweden to grab three tracks by m.d.c. (otherwise known as muslim disco club) and name in lights, plus a remix by studio barnhus kornel kovacs.
Lets Play House
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12" Vinyl UK 07.05.13
on naughty, the debut release for brooklyn-based free association, chopped soul vocals bask in the glow of detroit-styled synths. underpinning it all is the kind of low slung machine funk a certain mr. weatherall is known to gravitate towards. no surprise, considering the legend himself licensed name in lights ur oskunni for his masterpiece compilation last year. meanwhile, across town, studio barnhus doyen axel boman continues to chart his own musical path. his rub of naughty explores a warm and measured approach that has already found favor with his heroes, dixon and koze. while bomans gaze is directed towards the heavens, bushwick newcomer cameo culture has his sights set squarely on the floor. a distinctive bounce permeates the work of this budding house producer, who brings an undeniable disco swagger to his remix.
Free Association
Last Copy!
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12" Vinyl UK 20.09.11
name in lights is a stockholm based trio made up of long time friends emir krkic, filip johnsson & david irigoyen. the name in lights sound is easily recognized, with influences from disco, acid & chicago house as well as kraut, punk & rock music. together with erik wikström, name in lights run scando-disco label feed, where they also released their first ep eld och lågor. for uts name in lights deliver two massive discotized house tracks, touch the sky (e track) & disco touchdown. the ep also features remixes from dr dunks & eddie mars which ties it all up into a must have 12 inch
Under The Shade
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12" Vinyl D 24.06.10
big with prins thomas, nick chacona, moscow, todd terje, runaway, name in lights is a stockholm based band consisting of dj/producers emir -fönk- krkic, filip >dr ill< johnsson & david lil, d irigoyen. as name in lights the trio unveils an excitingly fresh disco sound packed with influences from their respective musical roots. with emirs exotic & driving rock rythms, filips soulful & heartfelt disco melodies & david deep & hypnotizing house grooves name in lights creates music that is both as new & unheard as it is familiar & catchy
Feed Records
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12" Vinyl UK 13.12.11
alex and bill met 16 years ago when bill signed one of alex s first productions (is this the rhythm? by rhythmnvibe) to a new york label he was running. alex, whose father lives in the us, was a regular visitor to the states and they sent many happy hours together hanging out at the sound factory bar and comparing maw dubs. when bill returned to the uk in 1996, they had a few sessions together making house music, though neither of them can remember why they never finished anything or, indeed, what became of the tracks. fast forward a few years and they finally got back into the studio to make sweet music together under the moniker hotel motel. since then they have created a rich seam of work that some have already described as, like salvador dali with his pants down being fellated by deirdre barlow. few would disagree.
Under The Shade
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