Hotel Motel - DONNA NOOK

Hotel Motel


12" Vinyl UK

Under The Shade / UTS032

Front View : Hotel Motel - DONNA NOOK - Under The Shade / UTS032
Back View : Hotel Motel - DONNA NOOK - Under The Shade / UTS032

Alex and Bill met 16 years ago when Bill signed one of Alex s first productions (Is This The Rhythm? by RhythmNVibe) to a New York label he was running. Alex, whose father lives in the US, was a regular visitor to the States and they sent many happy hours together hanging out at the Sound Factory Bar and comparing MAW dubs. When Bill returned to the UK in 1996, they had a few sessions together making house music, though neither of them can remember why they never finished anything or, indeed, what became of the tracks. Fast forward a few years and they finally got back into the studio to make sweet music together under the moniker Hotel Motel. Since then they have created a rich seam of work that some have already described as, like Salvador Dali with his pants down being fellated by Deirdre Barlow. Few would disagree.

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