Various Artists - GHOSTLY SWIM 2

Various Artists


12" Vinyl D

Ghostly International / GI239LP / 00137594

Front View : Various Artists - GHOSTLY SWIM 2 (LP) - Ghostly International / GI239LP / 00137594
Back View : Various Artists - GHOSTLY SWIM 2 (LP) - Ghostly International / GI239LP / 00137594

Second part of the Ghostly International & Adult Swim collaboration available on vinyl for the first time.

Legend has it that Brian Eno's concept of ambient music came to him while laid up in a hospital bed after an automobile accident in the 70s. A friend brought him some records, playing them too low to be properly heard, and Eno couldn't get out of bed to adjust the volume. While the record spun softly, Eno's idea for music you could ignore as easily as you could give it your full attention, like a sort of sonic wallpaper, was born. It's in that spirit of quiet isolation that Ghostly International, in association with Adult Swim, shares Ghostly Swim 2. Released in 2008, Ghostly Swim was praised for its adventurous survey of exploratory dance and pop music. Our curatorial focus has shifted this time around, moving further inward (spiritually) and outward (as far as our roster goes) to reflect the electronic underground in all of its hazy and vibrant experimentalism. Ghostly Swim 2 is a document of textured ambient zone-outs and woozy, granular house and techno that will help you find some downtime away from The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. So sit back, lower the volume, and enjoy our selections. [info sheet from distr.]
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