Various Artists - FIRST RECITATION

Various Artists


2x12" Vinyl FR

Recitation / RECIT00

Front View : Various Artists - FIRST RECITATION (2X12) - Recitation / RECIT00
Back View : Various Artists - FIRST RECITATION (2X12) - Recitation / RECIT00

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Nice Price Deal !!! Recit Records second release entitled First Recitation is a compilation introducing tracks from label family artists.Sabine Macher a German poet living in Paris, Kassian Troyer a sound engineer and producer from Berlin havingreleases on Dial Records, Antony Martz a brand new French artist, the Japanese electonica duo Velveljin, Ooscoand Ysée the founders of the label, Masahiko Takeda a young Japanese DJ and producer, and the anonymoussound artist Ollr Fameck.The first track of the compilation, Voina i mir sans je, (extrait) from Sabine Macher, is a simple sound poemwhere she reads some passages from her own unpublished text. Swinging between personal stories andabstractions, recorded in her apartment in Paris, it sounds like an imaginary recitation involving tensions betweenthe things around the poet.The compilation continues with the production of Kassian Troyer, Zasso, a deep but refreshing abstract technotrack. Having well-thought subtle layers of synthetic and concrete sounds with electro acoustical approaches, thetrack describes a very organic and warm sound texture...

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