Toh Imago - NORD NOIR

Toh Imago


12" Vinyl D

Infine / IF1055LP

Front View : Toh Imago - NORD NOIR (LP) - Infine / IF1055LP
Back View : Toh Imago - NORD NOIR (LP) - Infine / IF1055LP

The new LP by Toh Imago, for fans of DIAL, Traum and Border community

Nord Noir spins a tale as much as it paints a sonic landscape. Its progenitor Toh Imago took the time to sharpen his artistic chops under a few different guises, resisting the 21st-century affliction that is instant gratification at all costs, ultimately spending over 18 months to develop the narrative arc underlying his first opus. Using the historical context of the north of France’s proletariat past, he created a dense, hypnotic, haunted album that will sit comfortable alongside the works of Daniel Avery, Efdemin and Blawan. - A singular artistic approach harnessing historical context, discussing class disparition and cultural decay [info sheet from distr.]
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