TM404 - SYRA



12" Vinyl NL

Kontra Musik / KM058

Front View : TM404 - SYRA - Kontra Musik / KM058
Back View : TM404 - SYRA - Kontra Musik / KM058

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Das erste TM404-Album war ein stark selbstbeschränktes Konzeptalbum, das live mit klassischen Roland-Maschinen aufgenommen wurde. Das nachfolgende Album hatte eine verspieltere Atmosphäre, geprägt von Tillianders umfangreicher Live-Tour. Dieses dritte TM404-Album auf Kontra-Musik erzählt einfach die Geschichte dessen, was er seitdem gemacht hat.

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The evolution of Andreas Tilliander's moniker TM404 has reached its third stage. The first TM404 album was a heavily self-restricted concept album, live recorded with classic Roland machines. The subsequent album had a more playful vibe, shaped by Tilliander's extensive live touring. This third TM404 album on Kontra-Musik simply tells the story of what he's been up to since. The third part of a musical diary, initiated in 2013. The TM404 venture might have started out as a dreamy acid dub project, more suited for the chill-out than the main floor. But by popular demand Tillander found himself touring big clubs around the globe and the TM404 sound adapted organically. As a result, the album features tracks like Vactro and Rymdeko: fast paced acidic techno tracks in the same vein as classic Plus 8 releases, but with more space echo. Much more. But never fear, fans of the classic warm and bubbling TM404 sound. You'll certainly get yours as well. A substantial portion of this album was recorded in a studio flat in Berlin as part of an artist residency. For obvious reasons, Tilliander could only bring a small portion of his studio gear to this German sanctuary. As a consequence, this album has a more stripped down vibe than its predecessors, which creates more space for Tilliander's glowing melodies. The last track on the album, a loving homage to Kontra-Musik's label boss, is a sublime example. And for the Instagram generation, here's the short version: The album is called Syra. That translates to Acid. You're welcome. [info sheet from distr.]
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