Sync 24


3x12" NL

Cultivated Electronics / CE040

Front View : Sync 24 - INSIDE THE MICROBEAT (3X12INCH) - Cultivated Electronics / CE040
Back View : Sync 24 - INSIDE THE MICROBEAT (3X12INCH) - Cultivated Electronics / CE040

Electro producer and Cultivated Electronics label owner Phil Bolland aka Sync 24s highly anticipated debut album is coming up. Inside The Microbeat is a triple LP with esoteric and futuristic dance floor tracks mixed with enchanting experimental melodies.

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Inside The Microbeat is the long-awaited debut album by Sync 24. London's Phil Bolland, known as Sync 24 has been flying the electro flag for over two decades via his popular Scand parties and beloved Cultivated Electronics label which he launched in 2007 as a direct response to the dwindling electro scene in the UK at the time. The label has gone on to feature many of his own releases, his collaborations with the likes of Silicon Scally (Carl Finlow), DMX Krew (they collaborate as MMT-8), The Exaltics and Morphology as well as playing host to many of electro's leading lights, eventually becoming instrumental to the scene's resurgence in more recent years. Now it's time to turn the spotlight firmly on his solo work. Across it's eleven tracks 'Inside The Microbeat' is not just a collection of 12"s although tracks like the album's name sake, 'Oriental Sunset', 'Drunk on Delays' and 'Lightwire' are firmly primed for the dance floor, there's also more experimental beat-work like 'Inspired Law' and 'Sluper Smashed', or retro electronica like 'Haunt Times' and 'Spatial Racing', as Bolland drives you through his own intimately constructed landscape. [info sheet from distr.]
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