Sam McQueen


2x12" Vinyl D

A.r.t.less / A.R.T.LESSLP2

Front View : Sam McQueen - DREAMS IN SEPIA (HAND NUMBERED LIMITED 2LP) - A.r.t.less / A.R.T.LESSLP2
Back View : Sam McQueen - DREAMS IN SEPIA (HAND NUMBERED LIMITED 2LP) - A.r.t.less / A.R.T.LESSLP2

hand numbered limited 2x12inch Vinyl, full color cover

In these dark times of Covid we still have our music. We have the sounds to soothe us, distract and take our minds away from the chaos and uncertainty. We can’t dance like we used to but we can hear and feel. Our release must be found in another way, we must look within. We find solace and grant ourselves space and time in the music. Sam McQueen (Indio co-producer with John Beltran, Indigo Aera, Delsin Records, Furthur Electronix) presents his debut album Dreams In Sepia for Mojuba sub label a.r.t.less and hits us with a real time soundscape of the moment, an epic-like document of these times. The rhythms are subtle, sometimes broken, the time structures often complex, this is not primarily dance floor orientated music. These sounds are way more cerebral, for the heads. They reflect perfectly the complexities of life we are experiencing in 2020. The edges are rounded with occasional strolling bass lines and comfy chords. Slabs of keys and spaced out female vocals like a psychedelic journey that scares you at first yet comforts you soon after. Sam McQueen’s mediatory sounds give an overwhelming sense of the moment. The music makes you take time out and listen. Its purposeful manner suggests there are more hours in the day, like time slowing down a pause [info sheet from distr.]
Debut album by Sam McQueen, who released for Delsin, Furthur Electronix, Indigo Aera, Transmat. Hand numbered limited edition, highly collectable cover artwork by Kilian Eng [info sheet from distr.]
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