Ryan James Ford - EXSHAW

Ryan James Ford


2x12" NL

Clone Dub Recordings / C#DUB046LP

Front View : Ryan James Ford - EXSHAW (2LP) - Clone Dub Recordings / C#DUB046LP
Back View : Ryan James Ford - EXSHAW (2LP) - Clone Dub Recordings / C#DUB046LP

The selection of tracks ranges from cinematic pieces to absolute dancefloor hit

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Exshaw... the haunted place where folks go missing in inexplicable ways, where ravers throw open air summer parties in the woods, where the raw nature shows its esoteric side to the explorative youth, an escape from the city. The inspiration for Ryan James Ford's debut album is also a tribute to time spent exploring there in his past! After living in Berlin for some years now he came to realisation of how much influence nature and the area surrounding his hometown (Calgary) had on him. Ryan has captured his experiences and musical influences over the years. Growing up in an area were the contrast of nature and technology was more than palpable. Stories of haunted areas, swimming in the cold river water, going to raves in the nineties. Exploration, optimism, youth and growing... His memories surrounding 'Exshaw' are all translated in the sound design and programming on this 14 track album ranging from almost cinematic pieces to full on dancefloor belters. Artwork by Delphine Lejeune & Jonathan Castro. [info sheet from distr.]
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