Lord Of The Isles - IN WAVES

Lord Of The Isles


2x12" Vinyl lp UK

ESP Institute / ESP039

Front View : Lord Of The Isles - IN WAVES (2LP) - ESP Institute  / ESP039
Back View : Lord Of The Isles - IN WAVES (2LP) - ESP Institute  / ESP039

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ambientisch Electronica Album

Lord Of The Isles, a.k.a. Neil McDonald, has spent the better part of a decade steadily producing and releasing beautiful music.The ESP Institute has always wholeheartedly believed in Neil’s work ethic and his journey as an artist who constantly refines his vision, and when we inevitably approached in hopes of working together, we were enamoured by the sheer breadth and depth of work he had 'in progress’.
There are two types of artists. One internalises their process, endlessly perfecting their work while finding the endpoint a massive hurdle, in turn they produce immaculate yet very little art.The other is continuously inspired, so full of ideas they can barely work fast enough to articulate them all.The art becomes by-product of their larger trajectory and not just a collection of endpoints. Lord Of The Isles seems to be both, always in an evolving state of process where the work is constantly shed to make way for the new layer growing beneath, yet he holds his cards closely, cherry picking when and with whom he releases his art into the world.
Neil is simply prolific. He shared with us a vast catalog of unheard beauty, which over a long span of time was collaboratively shaped into his debut album “In Waves”.The title speaks to Neil’s process both intimately and from afar, it speaks to the emotional ebb and flow of the music itself, and ultimately it speaks to the listener.
This album will gift you with something new upon every listen, a concept that is
also gracefully interpreted into the album’s artwork by New York City artist, Hassan Rahim.The visceral aesthetic Neil portrays throughout these 15 songs is most certainly a landscape, an assemblage of intimate stories that, as a whole, give us this wider view of his intense drive, his multi-faceted quiver of skill, and his ultimate obsession... beauty. [info sheet from distr.]
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