Gunnar Jonsson Collider - S.W.I.M.

S.W.I.M. (LP)

12 Inch LP

A Strangely Isolated Place / ASIPV041

Front View : Gunnar Jonsson Collider - S.W.I.M. (LP) - A Strangely Isolated Place / ASIPV041
Back View : Gunnar Jonsson Collider - S.W.I.M. (LP) - A Strangely Isolated Place / ASIPV041

A Strangely Isolated Place welcomes Gunnar Jonsson Collider on their label. Tip!

Icelandic musician Gunnar Jónsson Collider debuts on A Strangely Isolated Place with an expansive trip through six fictional environments, brought further to life through an accompanying video by artist Arna Beth.

Inviting escapism through detailed, glacial textures, S.W.I.M. elevates a traditional beatless spectrum into a first-person narrative, moving across burning wastelands, miles-high sundown, a dizzying night sky, subterranean exploration, and more beautiful, natural phenomena. Subtle changes in tone and texture across each of the six environments provide a signal of the destination’s energy and the intended perception of the traveler. At times, elated and dwarfed by nature’s surrounding grandeur. Other times, bestowing a sense of apprehension and unknowing.

Best absorbed through the accompanying visual album by fellow Icelandic digital artist Arna Beth, S.W.I.M. is an immersive jump into a majestic sci-fi world, placing you front and center in both sound and visual.

After appearing on numerous well-respected electronic labels in recent years such as Móatún, Moller and Vertex, S.W.I.M represents Gunnar’s most horizontal output to date
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