Dino Sabatini - CONCENTRICA

Dino Sabatini


12" Vinyl D


Front View : Dino Sabatini - CONCENTRICA - Outis / OUTISOPERA002
Back View : Dino Sabatini - CONCENTRICA - Outis / OUTISOPERA002

After inaugurating the ‘Opera’ sub-series of his Outis Music label with the sublime Omonimo double LP this April, Dino Sabatini has invited some choice allies to help define the vocabulary and expand the vision of the new imprint. The aforementioned album, which wove together Sabatini’s atmospheric conjuring skill with the piano flourishes of Antonello Salis, already exhibits the labels commitment to dismantling the either-or logic of contemporary genres by successfully merging a variety of supposedly irreconcilable styles, talents, and worldviews (e.g. both mythological and the technological perspectives). The follow-up EP, Concentrica, draws on the material from Omonimo and delivers it into the hands of additional remixers in order to continue the Outis Opera voyage.

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