Clubroot - 2 : MMX


2 : MMX (2X12 LP)

2x12" Vinyl lp US

Lo Dubs / Lodubs10001LP

Front View : Clubroot - 2 : MMX (2X12 LP) - Lo Dubs / Lodubs10001LP
Back View : Clubroot - 2 : MMX (2X12 LP) - Lo Dubs / Lodubs10001LP

Repress 2018 .. With the benefit of almost zero British press attention, Clubroots selftitled debut CD gained quite a cult following last year, with plenty of enthused chat on message boards like Dubstep Forum, while both Mary Anne Hobbs and Rob Booth commissioned Clubroot mixes for their respective (and much respected) radio shows. His sound is often compared favourably with Burials more atmospheric sequences, and with a similar air of annonymity characterising his public (non) profile, he seems already to be attracting an audience who betray a certain obsessiveness in their listening habits

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