Chrisman - MAKILA



coloured 12"

Hakuna Kulala / 00152592

Front View : Chrisman - MAKILA (LTD WHITE & BLACK SPLATTER LP) - Hakuna Kulala / 00152592
Back View : Chrisman - MAKILA (LTD WHITE & BLACK SPLATTER LP) - Hakuna Kulala / 00152592
A1: Alarmed For Passion
A2: Angels Of Kivu
A3: Apana Gusa
A4: Fatiliya
A5: Haaa-Hooo
B1: Lupupu
B2: Makila
B3: Mazingira Is Bleeding
B4: Njiya
B5: No Umeme

The debut longplayer from Kongolese producer Chrisman. Limited pressing on white & black splatter vinyl.

While Chrisman's "Ku Mwezi" EP mostly explored gqom and trap influenced Afrohouse mutations, his debut album heads in a different direction. On "Makila", Chrisman provides an experimental vision of the taraxina sound: a molasses-slow fusion of the Angolan kuduro and kizobma dance templates that dips in-and-out of fuzzy drones and syrupy gqom. On 'Angels of Kivu', he pushes the clicking skeletal rhythm into the background, allowing electrified likembé melodies to take pride of place. It sounds like Congolese legends Konono No.1 shocked into a psychedelic electronic future by way of Durban. 'Fatiliya' pushes more solidly into taraxina territory, with familiar saw synths accenting low 'n slow kicks and air blast leads. The backbone is Angolan, but Chrisman approaches his music with a full awareness of Atlanta trap and gqom, never ignoring the gut-rattling pressure of sub bass. That's never more evident than on the title track, where he constructs a haunted atmosphere of bells and drones to sit beneath staccato percussive hits and and winding drill slaps. "Makila" is challenging music that takes divergent African forms and melts them together with next level skill and sleight of hand. It's another bold step for East African electronic music that underscores the wild creativity and talent emerging from the Democratic Republic of Congo. [info sheet from distr.]
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