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Hot Casa / hc08

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SETENTA is a parisian Latin Funk combo of seven musicians. The idea of the band was to create an original bridge between latin musical vocabulary and their soulful funk culture. After the success of Funky tumbao released in 2008. they came back on studio. recording a huge funky soul cha cha cha. a tribute to the old scene while marcha on congas. hard timbales. meet tremendous funky drums and vintage clavinet grooves. Ritmo Boboland is a latin soul caribbean fusion .a real funky plena! Its a dancefloor vision of the Paris social situation. where BOBOs ( bohemian /bourgeoisie ) change the rules of the modern inner city culture. This track is an indirect reference to Marvin Gaye vision. where the upper class now prefer a clean politicaly correct city to a real artistic emergence. This friend french band will make you invent a nu funky latin dance! Enjoy...
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