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13 Tracks that melt together as one strong piece of music - tasty tasty music!

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The second wordandsound dsitributed release on this great new danish label we signed and the second album als for one of their main producers, jack of all spades: PEDER. Peder is know for releasing his debut on american Ubiquity and his music is complex but well balanced melange of soul fueled electronic and bespoke indie pop for the new decade. On “Dirt & Gold” “I wanted to experiment. Do something that was both noisier and quieter, with many tempi, many singers, and many musicians. At the time everything I listened to was channeled onto the record,” Peder says, and lists up names like Tom Waits, Nina Simone, Chet Atkins, Django Reinhardt, Ray Charles etc. So you find surf guitar, hip-hop, french sounding film music, Draculaorgan, ghost pop, 1980s-Synth, and more on “Dirt & Gold. “If its got soul, I have tried to include it on the record", he notes. Some of the results could easily appear on a very good upcoming Amy Winehouse release like “Love Lost City"featuring the electrostatic cph shooting star Oh Land, but there´s more great input by the likes of Danish P3 Gold winner Jacob Bellens from I Got You On Tape, Claus Hemple, Signe Marie Schmidt-Jacobsen while Asger Baden has been a close partner and co-composer and the lyrics are by Rasmus Olsen. Suitable for the many facets of the album the tracks are generated individually between Peder’s other projects - in particular film music in recent years and the other albums on Fake Diamond he´s involved in. 13 Tracks that melt together as one strong piece of music - tasty tasty music.
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