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Italian DJ and producer Manuel Fogliata hasn’t released a lot of records over the last ten years. but the few he has put out have always been worth tracking down. Perhaps best known for his work alongside Donato Dozzy in creating the much sought-after Aquaplano records at the tail end of the last decade. Nuel’s solo outings have been just as consistent and just as impressive. Whether taking on metallic electro or syrupy. bass-heavy ambience. Nuel’s attention to detail and his keen ear for a groove has made each release something to treasure. Nuel’s only previous full-length. Trance Mutation (Further Records. 2011). was a masterpiece of minimal repetition.
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It was possessed of a gossamer-light surface, all trippy rhythms and wonderfully playful melodies, but it was deep too. Made with just one microphone and a handful of instruments in his studio in a small Italian town, it’s one of those records that can somehow present the whole of a track in the first few bars but stay fascinating for ten minutes or more. While initial impressions might suggest little in the way of continuity between the organic tribalism of Trance Mutation and the colder, more mechanic sounds of Hyperboreal, Nuel’s ability to go deep into a particular mood, a particular sound, links the two. An expert in the art of minuscule variations, Nuel’s compositions are always changing, always evolving somewhere within their ecosystem.
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