Andreas Reihse
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Andreas Reihse is well known since 1994 in his role as musician with Kreidler. Sometimes he releases club music. for example using his alias April or with Detlef Weinrich (Kreidler. Tolouse Lowtrax) as Binford on labels like italic. onitor or smoothrooms. He also composed soundtracks for artist movies and installations (Rosemarie Trockel. Maximilian Zentz Zlomowitz. Thea Djordjadze. Andreas Gursky. Frances Scholz/Mark von Schlegell. among others). Romantic Comedy is music for dark clubs. for places without much light and oxygen – its driving. percussive dance music. A comedy in six acts: from L.A. To Düsseldorf and back. Music and lyrics? - Pop goes my heart! - Of course its a romantic comedy. a bittersweet romance full of memories and a bit of sorrow. >Der lange Weg nach Düsseldorf< the title reminds of Mittagspauses Der lange Weg nach Derendorf. Derendorf. the district of Düsseldorf where Andreas Reihse and Stefan Betke / pole in the late 80ies shared a rehearsal room. Langeweg also was the adress of the studio of Klaus Dinger in Zeeland. The titles of the other pieces refer to dubious characters that show that the trip on the west coast makes stops in Manchester. Milano. Brussels and London without forgetting Charlottenburg and Williamsburg. Places that hold up against oblivion and reinvent themselves. Your club needs you. The cover was designed by artist Thea Djordjadze
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