Andras Toth
Alphahouse / alpha22

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Andras Toth is not a nu-school producer. Please refrain from adding up-and-coming to his biography. He has arrived. With his second full solo-EP on Alphahouse Records. he presents a varied and captivating look into the mind of an accomplished musician. Following the success of his previous works on the label. his debut >Us< and the collaborative EP >Futures< with boss-man Butane. >Would U?< is a trip through improvisational jazz. open-air sunrises. and sonic after-hours explorations. Herein lies real music. nothing formulaic. nothing safe. The EP embodies an ethos. held by Alphahouse. that musicianship is about originality. not following trends. There is still much that remains good in the world of independent electronic dance music. We will continue to search for. and find it.
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