Adda Schade
cd D
Different Trains / DTCD002

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First album by Adda Schade. Beautyful experimental music meets ambient.
Adda breathes music. Adda is a DJ and electronic artist in search. With the intransigence of Werner Herzog he deconstructs his own roots in Ambient, Disco, Funk, Krautrock, New Wave in order to create wild sound trees. Their branches spread new sounds and grow wild grooves that rain down on you as replete beats. Adda is the playful child, the independent artist and the strict composer united at one mixing desk. The intention: to move, unsettle, penetrate and remain. Adda loves the connection. He is in constant contact with open-minded, versatile artists who enrich, influence and promote each other. As founder of the label Different Trains Records he builds that spirit a home, where everything that music can will live.
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