A Cat Called Fritz (ft. Replife)
7" Vinyl D
Coffee Break Records / cbr006

Image of the Record Front Side
Image of the Record Back Side

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In the series of A CAT CALLED FRITZ 7 inches. CoffeeBREAK Records has volume 2 on offer. featuring Daniel Gray Kontar alias Replife. and featuring K Ro. aCatCalledFritz has shown its true colors with the two 7 inches being released. where immense duets are on offer. from the American RepLife on On & On. Julien Mercier on trumpet and the sublime K Ro from the French group Electric Conversation on Slow Down (also dropping vocals with RepLife on the track On & On). Two songs accompany these tracks. where Fritz explains his vision of things. on Nature Humaine and So Many People and his vision of himself and his passion for music on 1st Life and As a Mug. Each song tells a unique story. supported by the creators illustrations. strongly influenced by Robert Crumb and his paranoid world. The project. called aCatCalledFritz is a direct reference to R. Crumbs Fritz. as well as to the pioneers of the hip movement of the 90s. such as A Tribe Called Quest.
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