Alan Backdrop - SALKO

Alan Backdrop
12" Vinyl D
Enklav / enk014

Image of the Record Front Side
Image of the Record Back Side

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Alan Backdrops first EP on Enklav014. The third physical release for the italian label with Salko. Buried vaguely melodic ambiance grows and expands in the most surpising fashions within rigid structures.

Side A comes with two tracks whose spine consists in upright, inflexible rhythmic phrases.
While an atmosphere of echoing undefined notes that unfold onto the main pattern of Ch-x, the muddy, obscure bassline and the driving pulsation of Dp3 form an elastic cohesion, whose tension is released and dropped at crucial times in the most subtle and gentle way.
On the B side, Meamb carries on with uprising stabbed chords through a less conventional rhythm leading the main theme, and Snit has a dark and distant sound with ever progressing percussions which rumble and float around a straight and decise beat.
Ending Salko is a fast paced astounding combination of soft, evaporating but tight cymbals upon a one chord theme, led by a merciless sharp, stinging kickdrum.
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