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12" Vinyl D 29.11.17
it is time to team up for a special split release. the a side is reserved for the unique and forward thinking sound of thomas hessler. it is the 3rd time that thomas s work will see its light on crossing and he delivers 2 pushing and emotional floorfiller. the b-side this time comes with ’poetry and form part 1 the 1st ever track label head avion and thomas hessler did together resulting in a warm and beautiful journey for special moments.
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12" Vinyl D 23.04.15
rough and hypnotic techno tracks for the floor. early support comes from len faki, adam beyer, laurent garnier, alan fitzpatrick etc. . berlin based label, crossing, has its sights focussed firmly on the dancefloor. crossing 004 again sees label boss avion step up to the plate to deliver two tantalising techno slices. crossing 004 sees the label welcome its first ever remixer onboard as “era“ is placed confidently in the hands of thomas hessler. the berlin native takes the rough and noisy sounds of “era“ and switches them up to create a warm pulsating rework, powered by his blistering drum work.
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12" Vinyl D 01.12.16
huge remix package with works from thomas hessler, norman nodge, ron albrecht and the automatic message. the label from avion strikes with its 8th installment releasing a kicking remix package from the previous crossing 007 various artists. the release starts with the thomas hessler remix of “sut“ a track from the argentinian producer pfirter. thomas used the outer atmosphere bringing it to an upper tempo defining a groove made for the floors. norman nodge and his minimal trip from avion’s explosive track “thrill“. flimmering noises, a reduced drum and an atmosphere which is between lunatic and melancholic warmth. in ron albrechts remix of doka’s “mural“ the time is still running different, staying surreal wthout losing ist mood kicking off to move the floor. the automatic message lay their hands on stefan rein’s “amorphous material“ and stripped down the punchy and jacking atmosphere to a reduced version without losing its functionality and highlighting the characteristic synth pad to remain the smile factor of the original track.
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12" Vinyl D 02.07.18
a project 18 months in the making, marcel fengler presents a imf10, a three part compilation series detailing the past, present and future of his label index marcel fengler. part 3 focuses on the tougher end of the techno spectrum and features marcel fengler’s first original production in two years, a rare offering from sebastian kramer (aka redshape), a prized luke slater re-work of thomas hessler, while belgian shapeshifter peter van hoesen crafts a powerful production to add to the pot. familiar to fans of the label from his excellent imf09, avion makes a return alongside emerging columbian talent gotshell.
Index Marcel Fengler
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cd D 01.09.15
15 years nordstern by shlomi aber nordstern is switzerlands most prestigious underground club and a 3 times winner for switzerlands best club at the swiss nightlife awards. this year nordstern celebrates its 15th anniversary, with a rough techno mix cd by our long time friend and club favourite shlomi aber.
Be As One
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