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12" NL 27.05.22
next artreform release comes courtesy of thierry tomas, with remix support from mihai popoviciu.
in stock
10.71 EUR *
3x12" 24.11.16
special triple pack for all you highway lovers out there - contains three classic releases:
- hwr011: scsi-9 - smooth sunset
- hwr015: francys - people (alex niggeman, nico lahs & ahmet sisman remixes)
- hwr019: aldo cadiz & oscar barila - satin (martin eyerer, mihai popoviciu remixes)
Highway Records
out of stock
8.76 EUR *
3x12" 26.02.15
special triple pack for all you highway lovers out there - contains three classic releases:
- hwr 002: seva k - far away (dave dk remix)
- hwr 009: bvoice & khz - hoerle ui (axel bartsch remix)
- hwr 016: sergey sanchez & thierry thomas - keep u happy (ian pooley, tripmastaz remixes)
Highway Records
out of stock
8.18 EUR *
12" 20.01.11
first on !!anton kubikov and maxim milyutenko duo scsi-9 is definitely one of the most popular and successful russian electronic projects. anton and maxim released a huge amount of amazing vinyl eps on such famous labels as force tracks, highgrade, trapez and of course their very own pro-tez records. but most of all scsi-9 is known by their highly acclaimed full length albums on legendary kompakt imprint. after their beautiful >tierra del fuego ep< (included gui boratto and pascal feos remixes and supported by john digweed, sander kleinenberg, dave seaman and funkagenda to name a few) for mike spirits highway records scsi-9 delivers simple but effective tech house masterpiece >smooth sunset<. completed with fantastic remixes by sergey sanchez & thierry tomas (moscow deep house in its finest), alexander pavlenko (ukrainian talent also known as sunchase) and oldschool flavour rework by french pioneer jack de marseille, >smooth sunset ep< will be a great weapon for djs and a true brilliant for all dance music lovers.
Highway Records
out of stock
5.72 EUR *
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