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12" Vinyl D 24.07.12
the dawn ep is the debut release of markey alias sander markey. who recently settled down in berlin. after he was living and working as dj and producer in gent. belgium. now he comes up with four really playful tracks. here he shows his affection for funky grooves and soulful voices. with support from mz. sunday luv. who gave her voice for a freaky intermezzo on dawn. the ep starts offensively. the repetitive groove and the marching 303 bass drum toped with a dark demanding voice have a mystic massage. as contradiction to it you hear a charming dirty string ensemble and an odd delayed snare crushing the monotony. spring break as well as in the shade. the last made in coop with robyns alias yannick robyns. have definitely the warmer funky attitude. playing around with a bobby mcferrin vocal sample and bringing out the soul. facing the clouds is closing the ep as rather melodic and atmospheric track.
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7" Vinyl UK 19.12.16
markey funk resurrects his boutique 7inch imprint delights with the first release in 3 years. this record is also a farewell gesture of sorts to the parent label audio montage. featuring markeys remixes for two of the labels artists radio trip (the founders of am) and left for the first time on vinyl. side a is a floor-filling freakout groover. perviously available digitally via jalapeno records. highly acclaimed upon its release by drumattic twins (finger lickin ). clive craske (big chill). plaza de funk. and tom findlay (groove armada). side b is an upbeat. yet deep and eerie psych-funk slasher with a strong 70s horror soundtrack feel.
Audio Montage
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12" Vinyl D 01.06.04
3 summer ibiza burner !!!
Vinyl Loops
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