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12" Vinyl FR 12.02.18
vinyl only. four spacious and moodful explorations mark dixia sirong s return to inner balance, the daughter label of chez damier s legendary balance imprint. vinyl only. four spacious and moodful explorations mark dixia sirong s return to inner balance, the daughter label of chez damier s legendary balance imprint. further mining the atmospherics of their debut ep, both yohji and qatarsea combine organic rhythms and dubby pads to conjure a truly meditative state. sharper edges and effects on the third original, suspicions , lend it a more purposeful air, its expansive bass worthy of the grandest of stages. finally, dj honesty (responsible for the respected honeydrop releases on cabinet) delivers an ebullient, elastic take on yohji , drawing out the vocal samples of the original and directing the groove more squarely at the dancefloor.
Inner Balance
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10.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl ES 26.05.17
third opus of the french white label recordeep
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11.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 12.10.16
vinyl only. french duo dixia sirong make their vinyl debut on inner balance, the daughter-label of chez damier’s genre-defining balance imprint. this offshoot is proving to be a rich source of diverse, updated classic house sounds, and its third release is no exception. ‘winnie’ kicks the ep off with a laid-back vibe perfect for afternoon grooving. the techier edge to ’berry white’ makes it well-suited for later in the evening when the dancefloor starts moving, while broken beats and liquid ambience take ‘haqan fen’ into post-peak deepness – make sure to wait for the enveloping bass that arrives five and a half minutes in. ‘winnie’s cut’, finally, is an irresistible precision groove of the sort you might hear in the late late hours at club der visionaere, its soft pads, ricocheting percussion and rolling bass unfurling into the morning sun.
Inner Balance
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10.95 EUR *
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