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200 03 + 200 04 + 200 09 (3X12)
3x12 Inch 27.09.10
a nice price bundle , incl 200 records 003 + 200 records 004 + 200 records 009 !
200 bundle 001
200 Records
out of stock
13.10 EUR *
12 Inch 27.09.10
with >pergamon / 1979< blackisbeautiful is releasing their second single on 200 records. pergamon is a wonderful dreamy epic work with strings and a gorgeous piano. colognes new talent henson has done a great remixes of this track. 1979 is a funkier track, which reminds us on former metro area tracks. >vesica piscis< and >epiphanie< show two facets of the colourful blackisbeautiful sound spectrum.
200 009
200 Records
out of stock
6.87 EUR *
12 Inch 05.10.09
>realtime art< - that s how blackisbeautiful call their electronic music art. an analogue idea within the digital age. inspired by the aesthetics of analogue music devices, the first album of the dortmund-based producer team will be released in september via the upcoming cologne-based techno label 200. blackisbeautiful partnered up at the vrstck club in dortmund two years ago. they bonded through their deep connection to analogue art. residency atvrstck and a musical and friendly collaboration were to follow. both look back at long-term musicianship and life experience. while tim dicke paved his way into the electronic scene through being a drummer, bassist and soloartist in punk and hardcore bands and later on as dj, Ümit han quickly moved from djing to producing his own tracks. in 2006, Ümit won the remix contest to gabriel anandas >glücksmelodie< and also released tracks on karmarouge, meerestief, harthouse and other labels. blackisbeautiful created two tracks in real handicraft with alerion and purpur: mesmerizing and enthralling at the same time! music that invites you to dance and yet puts you to rest for a closer listen. attention to detail and experiment-happiness get you addicted to blackisbeautiful: occasional street recordings of sounds in everyday life and sampling of snap-shots run through their dynamic sound images.
200 003
200 Records
out of stock
6.13 EUR *
4x12 Inch 27.11.12
200 records has selected 4 top releases for a special price package. vinyl only! the package comes with label stickers. contains releases number 002, 003, 008 and 010.
200 Bundle 005
200 Records
Sarah Goldfarb - Breaking Down Remix
Sarah Goldfarb - Billie Jean Vince
Sarah Goldfarb - The Circular Limit
BlackIsBeautiful - Alerion
BlackIsBeautiful - Alerion (Graziano Avitabile Remix)
BlackIsBeautiful - Purpur
Mueller & Mitch - Careles
out of stock
10.64 EUR *

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