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12" Vinyl, 180 g D 26.10.18
vinyl only! 12inch with printed inner-sleeves, handcrafted covers: manually stamped, numbered and printed (silk-screening) in berlin, 180g vinyl.
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12" Vinyl, 180g D 13.03.17
12inch with printed inner-sleeves, handcrafted covers: manually stamped, numbered and printed (silk-screening) in berlin, 180g vinyl.
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12" Vinyl D 13.06.16
dreiklang records set sail in february 2016 with the excellent first contact ep which featured och, hydergine and kelovolt, three singular artists each handing in their own contrasting take on the same source material. the berlin-based vinyl-only label now returns with the same concept for the loop continue ep.
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12" Vinyl D 08.02.16
newly established berlin-based vinyl-only label dreiklang dive straight into the physical world with first contact. the label’s distinctive triangular concept is reflected in its name with dreiklang pursuing a three-fold approach to electronic music. each release presents three contrasting takes on the same source material, juxtaposing and unifying three particular electronic music sub-currents. for their first outing, dreiklang call upon an international team of producers with och, hydergine and kelovolt dropping in for their respective shots of tech-house, dub techno, and dark drone techno. the tight three-tracker will see the light of day on a 500 limited edition run of 180gr high-quality wax with the beautiful hand-drawn designs of berlin artist nils altland gracing each sleeve, transforming the covers into individual works of arts.
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12" Vinyl D 22.02.10
here we roll after a long pause back to musik krause. toting three nuggets brought to you with care which are somewhere between gentle hardcore with a weakness for the horns, and a warm coolness that finds its place without the chocolate cake. whoever thinks that what i am doing here is again on a peppermint accordion ditty got it twisted. dark, complex and almost avant gard-ish hearty.
Musik Krause 31
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12" Vinyl NL 07.05.09
big with angie !! this infamous hardtechno imprint is finally back on the scene with a killer hard techno release by various artists like: sepromatiq, mhonolog, jackrock, sam silva and rob stalker
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7.39 EUR *
cd D 05.03.12
the debut album by the trio stabil elite combines glamor and emotion and cosmic transcendence, which is well aware of its musical heritage, yet does not seem overly reflective for even a second. one can immediately hear where this stylish band comes from. just think of that city on the rhine, which has become a work of art in itself, and its electronic musical history, which has significantly influenced many styles, from hip-hop to techno: düsseldorf. the first signal stabil elite emitted to the world was in 2009, with the song hogans run, which appeared on a compilation by the american label mathematics.
Italic 095 CD
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cd UK 26.09.11
a no-rules mix crafted with inherent musicality, the mix sweeps and dives with the frenzy of electro-tinged fad gadget, the sparkly grace of disco gems from nycs desire, the gritty acid of levon vincent, the tougher edge of thomas brinkmann, and even the percussive fills of funky masters roska and crazy cousinz. a divine melting pot that only makes sense in the hands of glasgows mighty duo of jd twitch and jonnie wilks. in 1990, jd twitch was one of the founders of the legendary techno night, pure - well and truly ahead of its time it was one of the first clubs in the uk to book us royalty such as richie hawtin, derrick may, green velvet and jeff mills. in 1997, jd twitch teamed up with the punk-inspired belfast native turned glaswegian jonnie wilks, to start up a rebellious club night called optimo. started as the antithesis to regimented 4/4 sets, a night at optimo was truly unlike anything else - youd be likely to hear rockabilly, electro, swing, reggae, punk, techno and house all in one night. the list of guests is a veritable whos-who of rebellious musicians across the board - from the lovers to shackleton to chicks on speed to richie hawtin to tv on the radio to michael mayer amongst many more. jd twitch produces under the moniker optimo or optimo espacio, hes landed remixes on a variety of labels for both monikers, including dfa, eskimo, modular for artists such as florence & the machine, pharoahe monch, pepe deluxe, the presets to name a few. jonnie wilks has worked with labels as diverse as dissident, kompakt, kill the dj and wichita...
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cd D 18.09.09
excellent ivan smagghe cd, live at frankfurts finest robert johnson club !!!
Playrjc CD03
Live At Robert Johnson
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14.99 EUR *
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