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12" 15.09.17
the label of the post-autonomous kindergarden from berlinÆs east cross awakes after a long beauty sleep. weÆre back behind the decks with a lineup that is carving out contemporary techno. finnish producer samuli kemppi, from helsinki, has accompanied us since the beginning of our club. musically, he stands for a minimalist, crystal-cut sound hailing from galaxies far, far away. fabrizio lapiana is a long-time friend of the house. his sounds are able to expand even the smallest dance floorsùhe sculpts spacious soundscapes and sends dancers on a deep dive into dark and melancholy travels. we are particularly excited about the presence of our resident akmÛ, who comes to us with energetic release after his first ep on connwax. he will be bringing his steadfast love of detail and sly playfulnessùelements present in all his dj-sets. with these three numbers, the ://about blank 002 has compiled the best of the mdf soundtrack. next stop after powernap: lobby and garden. rave on!
about blank
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