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3x12" Vinyl D 02.01.18
limited edition , winter compilation, incl 3x 12 - vinyl + label sticker and special inner sleeves ... incl aprapta, patrizio cavaliere, och, federico curatolo, cisky, franco cazzola, denite
Movida Records
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2x12" Vinyl D 02.01.18
one per customer... fdf edition vol.3 with three titles from sven weisemann and four rising sun productions , essential - tip - dont sleep , just buy
FDF Edition 03
Freund der Familie
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12" Vinyl IT 02.01.18
blumoog music is proud to present its new release of 4 tracks of great musical thickness. this time, blumoog music has selected quality and passion. we introduce a character like aubrey (metroplex, ferox, outsgun and more...) with a classical song of his repertoire : low crushing bag and psychadelic, you will go to cosmic dimension. it s gotshell time, colombian artist, who is pointing to into historical labels like blueprint, missile. his song is terrifying and powerful, not for the weak of heart. it s time for frankie serious(blumoog music,switch off rec.,the zone rec.), artist from rome. with his very high production quality, he proposes with a powerful killer song, excellent for dancefloors but at the same time wonderful for a mental journey. unchained souls goes to end this ep of a large thickness, a mysterious duo whom we ll sure speak about. they propose a dark psychadelic selection which will take you inside the deep abyss of your mind... blumoog music is always near you with soul and passion for the electronics music.....good listening supported by: richie hawtin, lario alicante, dj rolando, marcel heese , rivet, advanced human . luigi madonna, paul mac, m.i.d.i., thor, radial, spec, rush plus, alexi delano, m.r.e.u.x, danielle godiva , p.leone, bodyscrub, david james ruskin , eric, jef k, johannes volk, dj spider, sintek,, tom laws, orde meikle ,e
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coloured 12" Vinyl IT 02.01.18
vinyl only, white vinyl - supported by radio slave , slam , terence fixmer...
blumoog music label presents the new release, played by one of the most important detroit productors, who marked the minimal techno history: terrence dixon. two tracks, which take a big deal of electronic innovation and inspired by his unique style, will make the night people dance until the sunrise. italian veteran m.r.e.u.x is back again with two innovative tracks as well, which are composed by rare and experimental sounds with analog machines and are ready to be heard. magnificent ep of an extraordinary dj couple. monster track of quality and experience the musical concept is organized for mentality sought people, an approach to this sound out of the ordinary charts, where search for sonority make this ep single and dedicated to the iperclubbing population!!! low wrapping and atmosfere psychadeliche make this ep an precious object for techno electronic lovers! nothing is taken for granted, this is the difference!
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12" Vinyl NL 02.01.18
Through Greater Evil
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